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Extra Time
May 5 – July 1

SideSpace Gallery is pleased to briefly reopen as one of the venues of the community soccer festival St Clair Kick It!   

Dining Room

Opening Reception

May 5, 2012, 7:30 pm   

St. Clair Kick It! presents a photography exhibition documenting all the world cup celebrations which have taken place on St. Clair W.  Since the historic spontaneous gigantic street party of 1982, Vincenzo Pietropaolo and Armando Lulu have between them photographed them all. 

See details of the entire festival at



Side Space Gallery is a venue for local art exhibition and performance which aims to connect and integrate art with life along St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The exhibition space is a large window gallery, and the art is viewable 24/7 from outside.



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